We endeavor to provide most of our services on a flat fee basis. A typical engagement involves the initial consultation, which is billed at an hourly rate, plus a flat documentation fee, to cover the attorney’s time to draft your estate planning or administration documents. Additional time will billed to the client where an engagement is complex and requires unique planning, including matters involving blended families, special needs, business succession, tax planning or heirs’ property. The firm’s out-of-pocket costs are billed directly to the client for reimbursement, such as court filing fees, legal publication fees, process server fees, copying and postage.

All estate plans include written counsel on how to update your beneficiary designations for traditionally non-probate assets, such as life insurance and retirement accounts, in order that you properly fund testamentary trusts.

Estate Planning Consultation

(Included in any Estate Plan Offered; $150 Minimum Fee for Consult Only)


Probate Consultation

($300 Minimum Fee)


Individual Estate Plan

Single Individuals

$1,500 and up

Will, Power of Attorney and Georgia Advance Directive for Healthcare
(Testamentary Trusts are an additional $500)

Family Estate Plan



Wills, Powers of Attorney and Georgia Advance Directives for Healthcare

Advanced Family Estate Plan


$3,500 and above

Wills, Powers of Attorney and Georgia Advance Directives for Healthcare
(includes testamentary trusts)

(Includes testamentary trusts for minors and may address special needs, small business succession and/or tax planning for estates)

Lifetime Revocable Trust

$2,500 and up

(stand-alone trust)


(when added to an estate plan)

Third Party Special Needs Trusts

$1,500 and up

(stand-alone trust)


(when added as a testamentary trust to an estate plan)

Estate Administration (Probate)

(Prices exclude court filing, bond and legal publication fees)

Petitions to open estate, apply for year’s support, or declare administration unnecessary


Petitions to open and close estate; provide fiduciary counsel throughout administration



$3,500 and above

Estate Administration to Consolidate Heirs’ Property

$5,000 and above

*All prices above are per Estate and are for non-disputed matters

Real Estate


Heirs’ Property Consulting

Commercial Buy-Sell Agreements

Commercial Leasing


Deed Preparation and Recording