Pia Candotti has a wealth of experience as a trained international attorney, having  practiced both civil and common law in Argentina and the United States for more than 9 years.

In her home country of Argentina, Pia practiced law as an Attorney, Escribano, and Civil Law Notary where she provided both estate planning and real estate legal services to her clients.  Pia’s experience includes drafting a variety of  contracts, including agreements for the sale of real property and goods, leases, and trusts, powers of attorney and representation agreements. Pia frequently advised her clients on the importance of inter vivos gifts in a forced heirship legal system.

After moving to the United States in 2012, Pia worked for over 5 years in the business immigration department of top legal firms in Atlanta, where she assisted foreign executives and their employees on international immigration matters.

Since becoming a licensed Attorney in Georgia, Pia has focused her practice on estate planning and probate matters.  She enjoys working with clients to establish an estate plan, one that proactively addresses clients’ unique circumstances.  She understands how the death of a family member can awaken difficult family dynamics, and she practices probate law as well, by assisting clients in administering estates and trusts.

Pia’s own personal experience as a native Argentine, now living as a permanent resident of the U.S., lends real credence to the advice she provides her clients in navigating them toward meeting their estate planning objectives, which often must be met within both civil and common law jurisdictions.

Pia knows firsthand the legal challenges and complexities facing foreign nationals living in the U.S., and she enjoys using the law to assist her clients.

Pia graduated with honors from the Universidad Nacional de Tucuman in 2008 where she obtained her law degree, and then earned a Master in Laws in 2009 as an Escribana.  She continued her legal education and training in the United States, where she received a Master in Laws (L.L.M) from Georgia State University in Atlanta.

Pia is committed to serving her community.  She is a Founding Member of the Argentina American Chamber of Commerce in the Southeast where she currently serves on the Board of Directors.  She frequently volunteers, focusing her time on organizations serving the Latin Community, such as Lift Sports Foundation, which benefits impoverished children and abused women in Latin America. She also volunteers in the Latin America Association and the Georgia Latino Law Foundation.

Pia enjoys traveling and experiencing new cultures with her husband and son. She enjoys reading, art, photography and biking.  A life-long learner, Pia is currently training to become a certified life coach.